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April 5, 2007 by frogsleg
Flame Warriors by Mike Reed Link

This site is a fun and insightful read! You might just recognise yourself there, go on follow the link and look for the description that fits you, don't be shy now.

The descriptions come with really good comic drawing depicting each flame warrior character.

for example - some of the descriptions found (in part): (to please certain non stop moaning cretins)


Big Dog is a bully who doesn't hesitate to use his superior streng...
March 19, 2007 by frogsleg
Well my little experiment on JU has been an interesting one and highly amusing.

The usual suspects stepped up to the block as I thought they would, how quickly you prove me right in my assumptions. JU has not changed in any way, the people are still as predictable as ever.

Still a handful of regulars run the joint like gangland bosses and henchmen.

Still the sheeple shine with exemplary example of following in the footsteps, Tova you were just great in that role in this little experi...
March 18, 2007 by frogsleg
Gideon MacLeish, Gideons Trumpet, rated as number three on this site can be thanked for the title of this blog, it is taken from a response to a welcome blog he made. Link

Citizen)Gideon MacLeish

Reply #1

You missed the mark WIDELY on all of those, Jennifer! You are little more than a tampon in the crotch of a menstruating demon!

This man has latched onto the idea that I am Jennifer1 and has in the process had a seizure and taken to stalking me now, his harrassment is not unlike th...
March 18, 2007 by frogsleg
Day two on JU and it has gone pretty much as I expected it would. It is all so very predictable. Newbie city - swarming know it alls swamping the streets with their arrogance and suspicions, if only they could see and hear themselves.

Some assert I am Jennifer1 and one has asserted I am another regular user that has set up an account to have a say on SOW's blog about the plagiarising in a cowardly manner. It is amusing to watch and read, most here profess that they do not believe in consp...
March 17, 2007 by frogsleg
I have been reading the forums and blogs in this place for a while now and think I have gotten to know some of the regulars here reasonably well, though I have not interacted at all with them

Lets see who do we have on the forums:

Dr Guy - seems a nice guy - tries to stay out of arguments and stay neutral.
Texas Wahine - so far from what i have seen she seems to try to be middle of the road as well but could be accused of being a toadie to little whip, though she tries to stay out of the ...
March 17, 2007 by frogsleg
I have been reading a few articles on the forums and made comments on them. I came across an article by Bakerstreet and he was going on about plagiarism and the fact that nothing has been done to the offender.

His diatribe is so childish and pathetic, if he could stand back and watch himself as an outsider he would be frightfully shocked by his impotent foot stamping childish rage.

His (BakerStreets) life must be so devoid of anything that remotely resembles something akin to interestin...
March 17, 2007 by frogsleg
So what is it all about? Is what; what all about you might ask? Do I look like I know? Life is just full of crap, one slow turd after another with an occassional rush of slush to change the scenary. I know this conjures a vile picture, but then right now that is how I feel about life, vile, life is vile right now.

It has been vile for a number of years now, who said life works in seven year cycles? That is a load of crap too. This cycle has been a very long 25 years, I must have broke...
March 17, 2007 by frogsleg
Who am I? I am a little bit of all the following:

Dry. Moody. Bitchy. Whiney. Sarcastic. Bossy. Stupid. Thick skinned. Bitter. Outspoken. Sychophantic. Hateful. Spiteful. Loud. Bombastic. Coarse. Harsh. Thoughtless. Insensitive.

Sensitive. Soft. Sweet. Generous. Gentle. Thoughtful. Kind. Loving. Poetic. Intelligent. Whimsical. Dreamer.

Take me as I am. Love me or hate me, it means nothing to me.

Read me, don't read me, it does not matter.

See you on the ...